ZeroParasitic PI participated in a meeting hold in the Ministry of Agriculture - October 2020: Important decision taken

Within the framework of the ZeroParasitic project, the Tunisian team headed by Pr. Mohamed Kharrat National Coordinator of ZeroParasitic project, participated in a meeting hold in the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Maritime Fisheries in the 2nd of October, 2020. Different stakeholders from research institute (INRAT), plant health direction, agriculture production direction, and agriculture development institute (INGC) were present. Dr. Imen Trabelsi (researcher in weed science at INRAT and project member) presented the main results obtained by research institutions in Tunisia on Orobanche principally on food legume crops during the last years.

The group suggested the following actions:

 - To create of national committee with different stakeholders for orobanche

 - To contact representative of pesticide companies in Tunisia to explore the possible demands for homologation of some herbicides on orobanche control such as herbicides from the imidazolinones family and others.

 - To organize frequent surveys to delimit infestation areas

 - To implement demonstration trials in farmer fields (faba bean resistant varieties with delayed sowing).

 - To organize training sessions targeting agriculture technicians and farmers in coordination with INGC, INRAT, AVFA and DGSV